October Missions Spotlight
Courtney Trew

Kirstin lives in the most culturally diverse community in the United States – Clarkston, GA.

Over 60,000 refugees have lived in Clarkston over the years.

Today, over half of Clarkston’s residents are refugees.

Kirstin serves among the refugee population in her community. She focuses on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, discipling new believers, and empowering refugees to be a part of making Jesus known among the world.

There are over 35 MILLION refugees in the world today!

Over 500,000 refugees live right here in the United States.

51% of refugees are women. 41% are children.

Over 50% of refugees have come from just three countries:
Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

Since 2018, over 1.9 MILLION children have been born as refugees.

76% of refugees are hosted by low and middle-class countries.


PRAY – Spend time praying for refugees all across the world and for Kirstin as she works among refugees in her community.


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