Updated March 26, 2020

The news is ever-changing about the COVID-19 virus and the best response to it. We are continually monitoring the news, consulting with officials, and adjusting our plans as needed.

We will continue to hold off on weekend services and on-campus events for the next few weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to provide a full, interactive worship service at Share this link with your families, neighbors, and small group. Just because we’re not meeting together doesn’t mean we should stop growing in our faith. We heard many stories of God working through last weekend’s broadcast and I believe this weekend is going to be even more powerful.

Even though we are not meeting together for weekend worship services, the ministry of Silverdale continues as we work with local ministry partners to care for those who need it during this time. Join us in this mission, here are some opportunities to serve right now!

YCAP children and families: They are planning to bring a small number of their kids back next Monday and will continue to provide meals and food to their kids and families. May need a couple tutors to help the kids with their virtual schoolwork. Silverdale members are welcome to contact YCAP via their facebook page or contact Andy Smith or Sloane Woodard

Community Kitchen Homeless Center: They are in desperate need of volunteers to serve and help at the Center and need some hygiene items. People can sign up at this link or email,

Hamilton County Schools: They need volunteers to help prepare food bags at Orchard Knob Elementary and Howard High School and volunteers to go on buses to deliver the food. People can sign up on these HCDE links and

Widows Harvest: They can use volunteers to deliver food to the widows and can use some nonperishable food items and toiletries. Contact Lisa Eames

The Bethlehem Center: They are requesting supplies to assist the widows and families in the Alton Park and Southside communities.  They need nonperishable food, Walmart and Food City gift cards and latex serving gloves. Please contact Reginald F. Smith, II

Prison Prevention Ministry: NO PRISON VISIT, but people can contact PPMK for inmate family relief food gifts cards or other assistance.

Food Bank and Orchard Knob Middle School: Volunteers may be needed for the next food distribution (drive through) scheduled for April 2nd at Orchard Knob Middle School. Please contact Tonya Turman turman_t@HCDE.ORG

Bethel Bible Village: NO VISITORS, but they are requesting the following. Gift cards for steak and shake, DQ, Taco Bell, McDonalds etc., to use at drive thru windows.Also, Adult type coloring books, various word search and puzzle books. Contact Gale Bolton

Hope for the Inner City: They need nonperishable foods and key essential items. They are planning weekly drive through distributions and may need volunteers. Contact Tory Worley at

Salvation Army: They need support and could use volunteers. Contact Karen Sherrill  

LifeSpring Health Center: They are a Covid-19 testing site and may need additional support and possible volunteers with medical knowledge. Contact Erika Stuart

Kingdom Partners: The group is working closely with small churches in our community and setting up an assistance program to help bi-vocational pastors, smaller churches pastors and leaders stay afloat. Also, grocery gift cards and other need are being requested. Please contact Oliver Richmond or Steve Reiter

If you have any questions, please contact

Your continued giving and service will help us serve our community during this trying time. Please continue to give online or drop by your tithes and offerings at the church office.

Thank you for being such an amazing church. Let us walk forward in faith and great joy.

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