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Silverdale Institute helps you GROW by…

Equipping you for mature and fruitful service to Christ.
Building up your faith and Christian walk.
Unifying your faith and actions with the saints of the church.
Assisting you to attain and grow in a more mature knowledge of the Son of God.
Anchoring your understanding of sound doctrine and strengthen your recognition of false teachings.
Promoting your spiritual growth as a Christ-follower.
What students say about the Institute…
What students say about the Institute…
  • The courses exceeded my expectations and fulfilled my hopes.
  • The class was the favorite part of my week.
  • I have not been this excited about a subject since I first started music lessons – and I love music.
  • This would be a great course for any believer.
  • Like those Claritin Clear commercials… I can see much more clearly now.
  • This course has been life-changing for me.
  • I actually look forward to going to class.

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