Becky Welch

Prayer Requests:

-For the Ladies of Freedom Bible Study with community ladies
-New ministry groups, for God to move, and kids lives to be changed!
-Pray for all the little kids I come into contact with each day as well as adults that I remain an example of Gods Love and truth!
-Please join me in praying God will raise up both Liberian leaders and ministry partners including a husband 
-Pray for kids who just finished program to remain strong in Gods Word!

Jack & Prinna


-We praise the Lord for His faithfulness for SJG and Wakamatsu church as they continue to reach out to the people in their community.
-We thank Him for the encouragement that we can provide for one another as we worked with Pastor S & the members of S Church!
-We give thanks to the Lord for your prayers & support as Steven & Kimi, the newest members of our team, have arrived in Japan! 
-We praise Him for all the works that He is doing in our community, our city, and throughout Japan! 


-Please continue to pray for leaders of Seinan Jo Gakuin, Pastor T and his family as they serve Him in the city of Kitakyushu.
-Please pray for Pastor S & S. Church that the Lord will bless their effort and that many moms & kids living in their community will continue to come to hear the message of Jesus Christ & the Gospel!
-Please continue to pray for N & S as the Lord has answered their prayers that they both will recognize Jesus as the God who died on the Cr0ss for their sins & rose again for their hope of eternal life! Pray also for salvations of many others who have heard this resurrecti0n message this month!

Carl & Kathy Most


Please keep praying, your prayers are being answered in big ways!

The speaking engagements Kathy and I had in December all went very well, or so we have been told. The financial needs we had to help keep the ministry in Cuba going forward this coming year all came through, and the ministries of so many churches we are connected to in Cuba, all had incredible praises from having the joy of celebrating baptisms of new believers and amazing evangelistic services over the Christmas period. 


Prayer Requests:

  1. For plans to come together for visiting churches and supporters during January and February.
  2. For the details of our next trip to Cuba in early March to all come together and have the Lord’s favor and blessing.
  3. For the followup that churches in Cuba will make to people who attended Christmas outreach services to be fruitful.
Tim & Melani Chan
  • Pray for the YWAM team in Cambodia. The new school year begins in November bringing on new children and college kids in the at risk programs.!
  • Thanna got her immigration papers to come to the US, and we were able to reunite with her!
  • Pray for our children and this transition time. Please help them to find friends here in Arkansas.
  • Pray for our one month mission in Puerto Penasco where we will be taking Bible Training students and practicing what we’ve been teaching/studying!
Stephen & Meaghan

Praise Reports

  • Praise we are back “home”.
  • Praise we made all our flights and all our luggage made it here.
  • Praise we had a great a relaxing time in quarantine.
  • Praise we found a new house, and the house owner is a believer and supportive of what we are doing here.

Praise we have our new visas.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for us to remain healthy through this season of cleaning out, packing, and moving.
  • Pray for us, especially the kids, as we make this new transition and move. Pray we can make great connections and lasting relationships with those in our new city.
  • Pray for our new house to get renovated quickly. Some renovations are taking place now, and then more will be done once we move.

Pray for all of us as we say goodbye to our friends here in the coming weeks.

Mike & Carole

HOPE: She has a challenging 11th grade course load. Please pray for her to finish the school year well. She is also praying and trying to discern what career she wants to pursue. She hasn’t settled on that or which college she wants to attend.

ELIJAH: He graduates from college on May 13th and is working on college applications and decisions related to pursuing a Masters in counseling. He is planning to get his Masters at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He will start in August. Please pray for his application process and all the practical details. Pray for him to find a job in New Orleans.

GABI:  She graduates from college on May 21st and is working on applications for PA schools in Memphis, TN. Her wedding is June 4th. Please pray for her and Nate as they prepare for married life and settling in Memphis. Although he’s finishing up college in California, Nate is searching for jobs and a place to live in Memphis now. 

FAMILY: Pray for our walk with Christ and witness to those around us. Pray for our faith in Christ to grow.


Kevin & Maicey Jobe

-Kevin will go on a trip this month, please pray for his safety and our family as we go on without him.

-Pray for our financial support and prayer partners to come alongside us as we transition to these next steps on the journey.

-Pray for guidance on what accomodations we need as we move into Alaska and as we travel to the areas we need to get to.

-Pray for the continual health of the kids.

-Pray that God will prepare hearts of people in Alaska for the gospel and that he would work in their lives to reconcile them to himself.

Chad & Megan Wade
  • Please pray for us that we will continue to grow in our love for God & our love for one another each day!
  • Please pray for each and all members of our team
  • Lifetree Church
John & Erin Kloosterhuis
  • In our last update, we asked you to pray that we would find a good therapist for Ezra here in the Czech Republic. Well, God did just that and she is literally the ONLY therapist in the country who specializes in bi-lingual autistic needs. Ezra has been steadily improving over the past few months and we are so grateful! Of course, we are looking at some significant needs in the future for his situation, but God has kept us on a really good path. Pray for us in this continual process of finding the best ways to help Ezra.
  • Pray for Tomáš and Soňa (our neighbors mentioned above) that their interest in the things of God would only increase more and more. Their friendship during this time has been such a big gift to us. Pray for their little daughter as well (she’s the same age as Ezra and he loves her so much)!
  • Erin has been getting sick a lot recently (nothing to do with Covid thankfully) and we really need your prayer. Erin is very tired of dealing with sickness at home and is wanting to be back doing normal life! Pray for her healing and health.
  • The “Josiah Venture Prayer Room” app for iPhone that John designed has continued to be a great way to bring in more and more prayer for God’s work here. We are also hoping to release it for Android soon! Pray for this to go smoothly as well!
  • This week is our “Josiah Venture Media Academy”! We use this time to coach and equip young creatives throughout our organization to engage their peers with the gospel through video, photo, graphic design, social media, etc. Pray for John’s zoom coaching sessions.
Jeremy & Sarah Mouw
  • Please pray for our continued work on the Manderson campus
  • Pray for our continued discipleship meetings with those that are new believers
  • Pray for ministry opportunities as the Chanku Waste Wellness Center opens
Daren & Shawna Davis
  •  Thank the Lord for the renewed partnership between the IMB and BCOK.
  • Pray for this partnership to grow, resulting in God’s Kingdom advancing across Kenya and beyond.
  • We are traveling in Togo soon. Pray for our health and safety.
  • Pray that we will be an encouragement, speaking words of wisdom as we visit Togo, that we will walk in the Spirit daily.
  • Pray for the small church plant in Gathiga to feast on the Word of God.
  • Pray for Phebe and Rose, two women I met with in Gathiga who recently prayed to receive Christ. Pray that they will follow in obedience with baptism.
  • Pray for Daren as he teaches church leaders how to preach and teach the Bible on most Sunday afternoons.
  • Pray that we will lead Sub-Saharan Africa with His wisdom, integrity and discernment.
  • Pray that many Africans would repent and believe in Jesus Christ and share with their families and friends the Good News.
Kirstin Davis

Prayer Requests

  • For God to provide monthly financial partners so I can be at 100% of my goal.
  • My personal relationship with the Lord to remain priority.
  • Country of Myanmar – most of the people I am discipling and spending time with in Clarkston are from Myanmar (Burma) and they are hurting as the country is in turmoil. Pray for strength and safety for the believers living there. 

Specific prayers for salvation:

  • A young girl myself and several other sisters in Christ are pouring into. She is seeking & sharing with us how God is drawing her.
  • My lost neighbors (Islam, Buddhism & Catholic backgrounds).
  • The Buddhist man we met at the temple. 
  • The many people myself and my teammates are sharing the Gospel with to come to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • The new Afghan families my co-laborers have been spending time with.
Jade & Jana Alger
  • Intercede by crying out for God’s supernatural protection for all people affected by the Russia-Ukraine war, including TWR members in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Praise God with us that we’ve reached 70% of our financial goal. Pray that we reach 100% by the end of 2022.
  • For continual strength for Jana’s parents and uncle as they house Ukrainian refugees for an extended length of time. 
  • For good physical and mental health as we try to stay on top of our weekly meetings, jobs and presentations.

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