Jade & Jana Alger
  • Praise God that our shipment cleared customs and the foreign police accepted our documents.
  • Next week, we will go on our first ministry trip to Poland. Pray that it will be spiritually fruitful and that God will open doors for new Christian programming.
  • Although the foreign police accepted my documents, the process isn’t over yet. Please pray that my residency card comes in the mail soon so I can complete a required physical exam to finalize the process.
  • We want to mentally retain the new information we are learning in our TWR roles, so that we catch on quickly. Please pray for a smooth transition.
Daren & Shawna Davis

As 2022 comes to a close we thank you for your partnership and support as together we engage in the Great Commission and address lostness.  You made it possible for us to live among lostness in Kenya and through our presence, and the presence of 3,650 missionaries like us, almost 600,000 people heard the gospel this year.  Thank you for praying, giving, and sending.  
We are available to meet with you, speak to your small group, or in your churches. Write us at shawnakndavis@gmail.com or ddavis1@imb.org to find out when we will be in your area.

John & Erin Kloosterhuis
  • The weight of the preparations for the funeral arrangements this next week is primarily on Erin and her brothers. Pray for them as they try to navigate everything.
  • We are still hoping to see as many of you as we can during our time here on our U.S. Home Assignment trip. However, we have to adjust our plans to figure out how to best be a support to our family right now, so pray for us as we figure out how to best use this time.
    Both Erin’s grandmother and John’s grandmother also passed away this year. We are traveling up to Michigan for a memorial service for John’s grandmother at the start of August. Pray for us as we grieve and try to lift up our families during this time.
Jeremy & Sarah Mouw
  • Please pray for our continued work on the Manderson campus
  • Pray for our continued discipleship meetings with those that are new believers
  • Pray for the continued work on our home so that it can be clear of tools and construction
  • Pray for our community as there have been more deaths
Jack & Prinna
  • Please pray for Koi & her family that the Lord will grow her in the knowledge of Him and grant wisdom in all things that she is facing.
  • Please continue to pray for Taka & Bun as they are faithfully reaching out to students and people in their community. Pray also for the 4 girls who received Jesus that they will have chances to learn and grow more!
  • Please pray for Toni, our server, especially her family member that the Lord will have mercy, give peace and comfort to the family. Pray specifically for a complete healing and for His name to be lifted up high through these circumstances.
  • Please continue to pray for Su & Yumi and the SPECKA Bible study group as the current COVID situation and restrictions in Japan along with a few other challenges have caused a rescheduling of the gathering. Please pray that they will be able to continue the study in February!
Tim & Melani Chan
  • Pray for the YWAM team in Cambodia. The new school year begins in November bringing on new children and college kids in the at risk programs.!
  • Thanna got her immigration papers to come to the US, and we were able to reunite with her!
  • Pray for our children and this transition time. Please help them to find friends here in Arkansas.
  • Pray for our one month mission in Puerto Penasco where we will be taking Bible Training students and practicing what we’ve been teaching/studying!
Richard & Krista Hetzel


-Praise the Lord for a grant that AMG received that will allow us to build more housing for the Shipibo Bible Institute!

-Praise the Lord we were finally able to host 3 teams this year!

Prayer Requests

-Please pray for Nathan as he begins his senior year of high school.

-Please pray for Natalie as she begins her senior year of college.

-Please pray for Richard as he is getting closer to finishing his master’s degree.

-Please pray for Krista as she plans a women’s missionary retreat in October.

-Please pray for our local church, Mil Palmeras, as they continue to raise funds to build on their very first piece of property.

-Please pray for the Shipibo people as we teach them the stories of the Bible and they translate them into Shipibo.

-Please pray for Richard as he travels to a Shawi village this coming Monday, the 12th, to teach for a week.


David & BJ Lawson
  • Praise the Lord for how he has loved us and cared for us during a new journey with BJ
  • Praise the Lord that BJ has been released from therapy & is able to continue exercises at home
  • Pray for BJ’s diagnosis and the challenges that come along with them
  • Pray for BJ as she re-learns to read and write
Chad & Megan Wade

“I’ve been meaning to become a Christian.”

A few weeks ago I was missing a team meeting in order to watch kids at our local park (so that Meg could be at the team meeting). After a few minutes, I realized there were no Dads at the park to talk to, and I was wishing I was at the meeting. And then the kindest Thai lady named Joy started talking to me. Her daughter enjoyed playing with Everett, and she ended up buying him ice cream. I asked her if she was Buddhist, and shared that I was a Christian. She said, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to become a Christian.” I almost laughed in shock. She asked a lot of great questions about Jesus, church, and prayer and we exchanged numbers. Meg has since met her a few times at the park to continue the conversation. She is coming to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with 20+ other friends from our church and the community.

 Please pray that Joy would be willing to gather her friends for a Bible study with Meg, and that Joy would be a catalyst to help start other churches from Queens to Thailand.

Meg invited into Reema’s home

We met Reema and her family one night while we went to get fuchka (Bengali street food) as a family. She is a Bengali Muslim woman and she and her family had just moved to Jackson Heights that same day. We were her first friends here. A few weeks later she invited Meg and another friend into her home. She made a feast for them, including her own fuchka. Meg and her friend were able to tell stories about Jesus to her and her boys. Please pray that this relationship will deepen and that she will be hungry to learn more about Jesus.

Meg met Tanvin and Nipa through another friend at a nearby park. They are both Bengali Muslim women who are wanting to improve their English so that they can get better jobs and help provide for their families needs. They were able to have a good conversation with them and were surprised when both of their husbands showed up a few minutes later. This is very unusual as most Muslim men will not speak to women. But Meg and her friend were able to share some verses from the Bible with Tanvin, Nipa, and their husbands: “Therefore do not be anxious, saying ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things and your Heavenly Father knows you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt. 6:31-33) The husbands were encouraged by these verses and said that they were true.

Please pray that God would supernaturally meet their needs which would lead them to see that He is the one true God.

25+ at Buck’s new Bible Study

Buck has been a part of our house church for a few months now, after being backslidden for 40+ years. He and I were going to a park to have spiritual conversations with people, when I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit for us to go to an adult care center. We asked if we could start a Bible Study with the residents. The next day I met with the program director and we talked for an hour. She opened up to me, asking for prayer, and was in tears sharing her life and struggles. Buck and I have been stopping by this place every week meeting new residents, praying for people, and encouraging them with Scripture. We’ve prayed for healing for several individuals and they have claimed improvement in their pain.

Many of the residents are addicted to alcohol and drugs, have experienced significant trauma, have mental and physical disabilities, and have been homeless. One gentlemen shared that he saw his father-in-law murdered and has been learning to walk ever since. One lady prayed that God would take her home out of this “hell hole.” One man has always wanted to become a priest. Others admit they’d rather choose their vices over a life following God.

After a few weeks, we had our first Bible study and 25+ people showed up. It felt like the beginning of a new church. And the best part is that Buck is so invested. He was so excited after the Bible Study that he couldn’t sleep.

Please pray that this Bible study would become a church in time, that Buck could lead. Pray also that Buck would raise up leaders in this care center who could continue to disciple the residents.
Becky Welch

Prayer Requests:

-For Fatu and I as we are stateside working on immigration paperwork

-For our health to improve and the rest to rejuvenate our bodies

-For wisdom as I seek what God has for me next

-For the Ladies of Freedom Bible Study with community ladies
-New ministry groups, for God to move, and kids lives to be changed!
-Pray for all the little kids I come into contact with each day as well as adults that I remain an example of Gods Love and truth!
-Please join me in praying God will raise up both Liberian leaders and ministry partners including a husband
-Pray for kids who just finished program to remain strong in Gods Word!

Kirstin Davis

Praise & Prayer Request

– The Lord provided for those on our team who have families to take care of. In their absence, God protected and cared for them.

– I was able to connect on a personal and spiritual level with the driver, “N”, on our 5-6 hour drive to visit Nan’s mom in NW Thailand (from Chiang Mai) and on the way back to Chiang Mai from the village. I shared the Gospel with her, had many spiritual conversations, and was able to give her a New Testament Thai Bible. She is a practicing Buddhist. Her English wasn’t perfect (and obviously my Thai is nonexistent, ha), but God still provided ways for us to communicate clearly through translation apps and an app that has Biblical stories translated in almost every language. During part of our conversation, when I asked her where she thinks she will go when she dies, she said “down”. Pray for “N” to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus. 

– It was a blessing to have the opportunity to stay with Nan’s mom in her village. She and her friends were so welcoming and generous in our time with them. We were very well cared for and able to have good conversations with believers and unbelievers in the village. We even had the opportunity to harvest rice with Nan’s mom and the people from her village. This turned out to be a really sweet encouragement to the village, and we are so thankful God orchestrated that! They said none of the missionaries that have visited in the past have ever done work with them.

– We were able to connect with the Karenni church during the visit to Nan’s mom’s village, and even do a quick Gospel Conversations training with them one evening. On the Sunday we were there, we also got to join them on a visit to a neighboring Karenni village with some new believers. 

– We were able to do a Four Fields Training with a church on the Thailand – Myanmar border. This was a diverse group of people from Myanmar & Thailand, including several Mon (or 1/2 Mon) believers. The people who came to the training were engaged and interested, and it was a joy to be with our brothers and sisters in fellowship for several days. 

– None of us got sick, and God protected and provided for all of the travel we needed to do. 

Two big takeaways for me personally:
(1) I was reminded how important heart language is. For someone to respond to the Gospel, they first need to be able to understand it. I heard God’s confirmation to continue pursing Burmese language learning, so I can continue working for God’s kingdom among Burmese language speakers. 

(2) I felt completely comfortable being in a foreign context, and I am really thankful for all of the experience and exposure God has allowed me to have in Clarkston over these past 3+ years. I am continuing to listen to the Lord’s voice, as He prepares me for where He is sending me next. 

I am planning to return to Thailand in February to provide administrative assistance for a couple of meetings and trainings in Bangkok, and hopefully spend some time working with laborers in country. Details are still being worked out. I will share more when I’m able.  

Kevin & Maicey Jobe

Please pray for our family in the next coming months: That God would reveal His will for us here, that He would protect and preserve our family.

  • That we would experience deep friendships with other believers, especially Maicey and the kids.
  • That the gospel would be proclaimed throughout Alaska, especially in the hard-to-reach locations.
  • That God would continue to encourage those who work in the villages, with all of the challenges that present themselves
Carl & Kathy Most

Praises :

  1. Carl’s 1st reunion in ten years with all his immediate family in New Zealand was a huge answer to prayers. Continue to pray that God will draw Carl’s family to Himself!
  2. Two church leaders (F & J) we have walked with for 10 years in Cuba are starting new ministries as pastors of different congregations who had lost their pastors in recent times to migration overseas. They and their families see God in their new callings and are believing Him for great things in the years to come.

 Prayer Requests:

  1. For Carl’s mother to come to deep faith, forgiveness, and peace in her heart from an ever growing relationship with Jesus. 
  2. For God to provide the soul rest and life renewal for the Missionaries who will stay at Beginning of the Rest in 2023, also for those financial partners the Lord will use to help us to provide this much needed care.
Mike & Carole

HOPE: She is beginning a busy and important senior year of high school. She needs to begin applying to colleges. Pray for her to be sensitive to the Lord’s direction.

ELIJAH: He is blessed to be able to attend grad school. Pray for him as he transitions to a new place and the demands of grad school. He also needs to find a job that will cover his financial needs. Please pray for that to come together soon.

GABI AND NATE:  We praise the Lord that both have jobs and are settling well in Memphis. Pray for them to find a church and community there.

CAROLE: She is getting back into working as an aid on the Educational Support Team at Grace International School. Please pray for wisdom and energy.

MIKE: With several weighty innovation and media projects, pray for him to manage his time well, for skill and creativity, and for wisdom in decisions and leadership.

FAMILY: Pray for us to grow in our relationship and obedience to the Lord.


Stephen & Meaghan

Praise Reports

  • Huge praise we received our new visas and no issues thus far
  • Praise the trainees were able to share the Gospel with 140 people in 2 days, and there were a few who repented and believed.
  • Praise we had a great 3 weeks with Stephen’s family. Thankful they were able to come visit us in our new city.
  • Praise we have an amazing couple able and willing to live and serve at the training center.



      Prayer Requests

      • Pray for the follow up with those individuals who heard the Gospel and believed during the training.
      • Pray for our house helper, Ibu 
      • Pray for the new couple at the training center and a couple other new national teammates joining our team in January. Pray for their transition, team unity, and for God to use them wherever they go.
      • Pray for the process of forming a legal entity for the training center’s work. Pray the government will approve one of our requested names so we can move forward in the formation process.

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