Jade & Jana Alger
  • We are thankful to have reached 100% of our ongoing financial partnerships!
  • We have plane tickets in hand and are on our way to Slovakia!
  • Praise God that we found a place to rent in Bratislava! Jana’s sister did the hard work, and found a small rental house in the same village where she lives, right outside of the city.
  • Pray that the process to get my (Jade’s) residency permit will go smoothly. This involves documents that have to be officially translated to Slovak once we get there. There are timing issues involved as the FBI report from the US can’t be over 90 days old when I apply at the foreign police in Bratislava.
Daren & Shawna Davis
  • Pray that many believers would to come work with us in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have jobs all over the continent, 2 year assignments and long-term assignments.
  • Pray that Daren and I will lead Sub-Saharan Africa with His wisdom, integrity and discernment.
  • Pray that many Africans would repent and believe in Jesus Christ and share with their families and friends the Good News.
  • Pray for Meredith and Andrew as they begin the wonderful adventure of marriage, pray they will love and serve the Lord daily, growing and developing good habits in this new life season. Thank the Lord with us for bringing a godly young man into our family for Meredith.
John & Erin Kloosterhuis
  • The weight of the preparations for the funeral arrangements this next week is primarily on Erin and her brothers. Pray for them as they try to navigate everything.
  • We are still hoping to see as many of you as we can during our time here on our U.S. Home Assignment trip. However, we have to adjust our plans to figure out how to best be a support to our family right now, so pray for us as we figure out how to best use this time.
    Both Erin’s grandmother and John’s grandmother also passed away this year. We are traveling up to Michigan for a memorial service for John’s grandmother at the start of August. Pray for us as we grieve and try to lift up our families during this time.
Chad & Megan Wade
  • Please pray for us that we will continue to grow in our love for God & our love for one another each day!
  • Please pray for each and all members of our team
  • Lifetree Church
Jack & Prinna


-We give thanks to the Lord for Y and her love and care for K.
-We praise Him for reconnecting us with Moru & Fwa Young.
-We thank God for an opportunity to share His words & His story to people in Atagohama Community and a blessing of friendships and how they blessed us & our team with baseball tickets.
-We praise Him for our time of rest.
-We thank God for another session of SPECKA Bible study with S &Y & Y. On August 28th, Su will attempt to lead the SPECKA Bible study for the 1st time at their home!

-Please pray that the Lord will bless & protect the time that we plan to meet with Y & K in September!
-Please pray for Susumu & Yumi as Susumu plans to lead the SPECKA B!ble study!
-Please pray for the salvations of leaders of Atagohama Community and Kiyoko, another leader who is being drawn by His Word!
-We met Jeff & Ari during our trip and Martin on our flight back. We shared with them our pers0nal testim0nies & the Gospel. Martin spent an hour with us asking questions about Jesus & man & sins in this world. Pray that Jesus will show them clearly that He is their God, Lord, and Savior!

Tim & Melani Chan
  • Pray for the YWAM team in Cambodia. The new school year begins in November bringing on new children and college kids in the at risk programs.!
  • Thanna got her immigration papers to come to the US, and we were able to reunite with her!
  • Pray for our children and this transition time. Please help them to find friends here in Arkansas.
  • Pray for our one month mission in Puerto Penasco where we will be taking Bible Training students and practicing what we’ve been teaching/studying!
Richard & Krista Hetzel


-Praise the Lord for a grant that AMG received that will allow us to build more housing for the Shipibo Bible Institute!

-Praise the Lord we were finally able to host 3 teams this year!

Prayer Requests

-Please pray for Nathan as he begins his senior year of high school.

-Please pray for Natalie as she begins her senior year of college.

-Please pray for Richard as he is getting closer to finishing his master’s degree.

-Please pray for Krista as she plans a women’s missionary retreat in October.

-Please pray for our local church, Mil Palmeras, as they continue to raise funds to build on their very first piece of property.

-Please pray for the Shipibo people as we teach them the stories of the Bible and they translate them into Shipibo.

-Please pray for Richard as he travels to a Shawi village this coming Monday, the 12th, to teach for a week.


Carl & Kathy Most


Please keep praying, your prayers are being answered in big ways!

The speaking engagements Kathy and I had in December all went very well, or so we have been told. The financial needs we had to help keep the ministry in Cuba going forward this coming year all came through, and the ministries of so many churches we are connected to in Cuba, all had incredible praises from having the joy of celebrating baptisms of new believers and amazing evangelistic services over the Christmas period.


Prayer Requests:

  1. For plans to come together for visiting churches and supporters during January and February.
  2. For the details of our next trip to Cuba in early March to all come together and have the Lord’s favor and blessing.
  3. For the followup that churches in Cuba will make to people who attended Christmas outreach services to be fruitful.
Becky Welch

Prayer Requests:

-For Fatu and I as we are stateside working on immigration paperwork

-For our health to improve and the rest to rejuvenate our bodies

-For wisdom as I seek what God has for me next

-For the Ladies of Freedom Bible Study with community ladies
-New ministry groups, for God to move, and kids lives to be changed!
-Pray for all the little kids I come into contact with each day as well as adults that I remain an example of Gods Love and truth!
-Please join me in praying God will raise up both Liberian leaders and ministry partners including a husband
-Pray for kids who just finished program to remain strong in Gods Word!

Mike & Carole

HOPE: She is beginning a busy and important senior year of high school. She needs to begin applying to colleges. Pray for her to be sensitive to the Lord’s direction.

ELIJAH: He is blessed to be able to attend grad school. Pray for him as he transitions to a new place and the demands of grad school. He also needs to find a job that will cover his financial needs. Please pray for that to come together soon.

GABI AND NATE:  We praise the Lord that both have jobs and are settling well in Memphis. Pray for them to find a church and community there.

CAROLE: She is getting back into working as an aid on the Educational Support Team at Grace International School. Please pray for wisdom and energy.

MIKE: With several weighty innovation and media projects, pray for him to manage his time well, for skill and creativity, and for wisdom in decisions and leadership.

FAMILY: Pray for us to grow in our relationship and obedience to the Lord.


Kirstin Davis

Prayer Requests

  • needed to raise about $10,000 for the four of us to go on this trip, and the Lord faithfully provided! Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and support as we go with the Gospel to different areas of Thailand. There are some specific ways I would like to ask you all to pray over the next two weeks:
  • My precious friend is leaving her 4 beautiful daughters (ages 6 and under) at home with their dad in order to go on this trip. We are so blessed that God made it possible for her to go, but she and her children will need prayer. She is relying on the Lord to care for her children while she’s away. Her Abba, Father, is more than able – pray for continued great faith in her! Also pray for her daughters, as they’ve never been away from their mom for a long period of time, and for her husband, that God’s grace would be sufficient for him.
  • Eric & his family, that the Lord would give Kimberly all she needs while Eric is away and that his children would step up as their father is away.
  • For God to give us opportunities to share the Gospel with many who have never heard. From the moment we get to the airport, until we return to our homes. Ask the Holy Spirit to keep us alert and sober-minded. Pray for souls to be saved!

  • Healthy partnerships with the believers we have plans to meet with and equip. That our brothers and sisters would be encouraged in what God has called them to. Pray they would grow in discipleship, faithfulness, and obedience to the call to be ambassadors for Christ.

  • Pray for good health and protection from sickness.
  • Pray for no issues with our travels, as we will be doing a lot of it.


    Kevin & Maicey Jobe

    -Kevin will go on a trip this month, please pray for his safety and our family as we go on without him.

    -Pray for our financial support and prayer partners to come alongside us as we transition to these next steps on the journey.

    -Pray for guidance on what accomodations we need as we move into Alaska and as we travel to the areas we need to get to.

    -Pray for the continual health of the kids.

    -Pray that God will prepare hearts of people in Alaska for the gospel and that he would work in their lives to reconcile them to himself.

    Jeremy & Sarah Mouw
    • Please pray for our continued work on the Manderson campus
    • Pray for our continued discipleship meetings with those that are new believers
    • Pray for the continued work on our home so that it can be clear of tools and construction
    • Pray for our community as there have been more deaths
    Stephen & Meaghan

    Praise Reports

    • Huge praise we received our new visas and no issues thus far
    • Praise the trainees were able to share the Gospel with 140 people in 2 days, and there were a few who repented and believed.
    • Praise we had a great 3 weeks with Stephen’s family. Thankful they were able to come visit us in our new city.
    • Praise we have an amazing couple able and willing to live and serve at the training center.



        Prayer Requests

        • Pray for the follow up with those individuals who heard the Gospel and believed during the training.
        • Pray for our house helper, Ibu 
        • Pray for the new couple at the training center and a couple other new national teammates joining our team in January. Pray for their transition, team unity, and for God to use them wherever they go.
        • Pray for the process of forming a legal entity for the training center’s work. Pray the government will approve one of our requested names so we can move forward in the formation process.

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