Now, it is time to complete our 2020 Vision. The total cost of all these projects was about $7 million. Over $5 million has already been given, which leaves a balance of $1.8 million more needed to complete the vision. We are asking every household to prayerfully consider making a one-year, sacrificial commitment (over and above your tithes and offerings).

God is working, and He is inviting you to join Him. Would you please pray and then give as the Lord directs? As you can imagine, Reach is an essential step to our future; and your involvement impacts its success.

What is Vision 2020?

Two years ago, Pastor Tony Walliser cast our church’s 2020 Vision, that we might start seeing our world through Jesus’ eyes. And that we should make room in our facilities and in our hearts to reach our community.  Since then we have seen more people come to Christ and follow Him in baptism than at any other time in our church’s history. 

As part of the 2020 Vision, we took on four huge projects. First is the building of a new Creekside worship facility to make room for ever exploding services and this would also allow our student ministry to double its capacity to reach the younger generation. Construction is now underway. 

Next was Oaks Coffee House. Instead of another church building, where people might visit once a week, we want to create a place where they could cross our path seven days a week. Oaks will be opening soon and all the proffits will go to help fund our local mission partnerships. Eventually, space withing this building will used for another alternative worship service. 

We also doubled the size of North Ooltewah Children’s area and expanded the parking area. This campus grew much more rapidly than we ever imagined. Construction is now completed and it’s being used every week. We have also completed a renovation and new parking area at our St. Elmo Campus.

Finally, we knew that our next church campus would be in Apison. God has blessed us, and we now own ten acres of prime land off East Brainerd Road on London Lane. We are now praying for God’s timing for this next campus.

Commit to Completing The Vision

7236 Bonny Oaks Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37421

To lead people into an authentic relationship with Christ so they will worship God, grow in their faith, and then serve the Lord in our community and world.